Since their introduction the 8th Wonder has revolutionised the world of stretch denim. With 100% stretch they are able to offer a skin tight, sexy fit while accommodating both movement and extreme comfort.

No wonder they are the 8th Wonder
of the world!


Using next generation stretch technology the Minus One jeans have enough "sucking power" to not only hold you in but also to keep their shape for hours after wearing. makes you look one size smaller just by slipping them on!

Don't ask how it works. it just does!

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Connoisseurs will tell you there are jeggings....
and then there are Sissy Boy jeggings!

Sissy Boy were one of the first to launch this super lightweight stretch denim innovation. Jeggings offer the comfort and stretch of leggings with the uber sexy look and fit of denim.

Leggings & jeans = jeggings!

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